Mobile Cranes

25T Tadano TL250E

A truck mounted three-axle crane, 4 section telescopic boom capable of a 29 meter working radius, single sheave hook block and 4 sheave hook block.

Boom Length: 31 meters
Maximum lift capacity: 25 ton
Maximum radius: 29 meters

30T Tadano Faun ATF30-2L

All terrain twin-axle steered & driven chassis, consisting of a 4 section telescopic boom reaching up to a 26 meter working radius.

Boom Length: 28.5 meters
Maximum lift capacity: 30 ton
Maximum radius: 26.5 meters

40T Liebherr LTM1040-2.1

Twin-axle steered & driven crane ensuring excellent all-terrain capability and manoeuvrability offering outstanding load carrying performance. Carrying a 35 meter, 4 section telescopic boom and Variobase technology makes the most challenging sites possible with a maximum working radius of 31 meters.

Boom Length: 35 meters
Maximum lift capacity: 40 ton
Maximum radius: 31 meters